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TCFD Spitfire Aircraft Graphical Interface GUI example

  • Unlimited Software
  • Fully Automated & Focused
  • Fantastic Technical Support
  • Flexible Workflow
  • Real Tutorials
  • Free Student Program

TCFD Francis Turbine Graphical Interface GUI example

CFD SUPPORT introduces the new generation of CFD simulations. TCFD® brings an extreme increase of productivity to CFD simulations. TCFD® successfully merged benefits of both open-source and commercial codes. Due to open-source nature, TCFD® is perpetual, unlimited users, jobs, and cores, customizable. Due to commercial code nature, TCFD® is professionally supported, well tested, ready for the industry, robust, accurate, automated, has GUI, has documentation and many more. Because TCFD® is unlimited, it fits very well with demanding simulations like optimization, transient or aeroacoustics.

TCFD - Turbomachinery CFD scheme automated workflow

TCFD® is fully automated, it can run the whole workflow by a single command: data input, new case is written down, mesh is created, case is set-up, case is simulated, results are evaluated and the results report is written down. Both GUI and batch mode. Data in - data out. TCFD® is mainly focused on supporting the engineers in their real value added work. TCFD® is fully automated and the beauty of TCFD® is that it is the user who decides how deep to dive into the CFD or not at all. And all the options remain open at the same time.

TCFD - Puzzle scheme

TCFD® is from the beginning developed to fit any existing CAE workflow. TCFD® has a modular (plugin) character. Any part of it can be used within other applications. It has strong interfaces to cover a wide range of input and output data.

TCFD Virtual tunnel interface GUI example

TCFD® is a complete workflow. It covers a complete process, from reading basic (usually CAD) data, over the CFD analysis, to the significant engineering results. It is a final outcome of many years of development of CFD support team of engineers and developers. TCFD® was from the beginnning developed in a way to be automated, easy, flexible and accurate at the same time.

TCFD Radial Pump Graphical Interface GUI example

TCFD® numerical solver is based on OpenFOAM®. TCFD® is not dependent on other software but it is fully compatible with standard OpenFOAM® and other software packages. It was originally designed for simulating rotational machines, nevertheless it can be used for a wide range of various CFD simulations.

TCFD Hydraulic Valve Graphical Interface GUI example

Radial Pump Turbomachinery CFD GIF Animation

Each individual TCFD® simulation run has its own results report in web responsive .html format, or PDF format. The report can be updated anytime during the simulation run. The engineers always know what are the current results of the running simulation. TCFD® report examples: Radial Pump, Axial Pump, Radial Fan, Axial Fan, Radial Compressor, Axial Compressor, Radial Turbine, Axial Turbine, Francis Turbine, Kaplan Turbine, Manifold, Ship Hull Propeller.

CFD OpenFOAM Radial Pump Model View              CFD OpenFOAM Centrifugal Pump Wheel Velocity Streamtraces              CFD Francis Water Turbine Side View              CFD Francis Water Turbine Side View

TCFD® also includes the Turbo Blade Post software - special set of ParaView plugins for postprocessing of turbomachinery. TCFD® also includes the CFD Processor software - a tool for the process automation and manipulation. TCFD® also includes the TCFDSource and TCFDManager - special set of ParaView plugins for easy creating configuration files and simulation run in ParaView.

CFD OpenFOAM Radial Pump Model View CFD OpenFOAM Centrifugal Pump Wheel Velocity Streamtraces CFD Francis Water Turbine Side View CFD Francis Water Turbine Side View

TCFD® is provided both for Linux and also for Microsoft Windows OS, see OpenFOAM® for Windows. The TCFD® includes detailed tutorials of real machines. The tutorials cover the complete process from the basic model data to the final results. Once the tutorial is completed, the user can easily repeat the whole process with his own data. All the workflow is fully automated.

CFD Francis Water Turbine Front View              CFD Francis Water Turbine Wheel Mesh OpenFOAM              CFD Francis Water Turbine blade to blade view              CFD Francis Water Turbine pressure along the blade

CFD Support provides a full technical support for the package via phone call +420 212 243 883 or at or any other AOL, or tools like Teamviewer, Skype, Gotomeeting, WebEx and others. TCFD® is maintained and regularly updated. CFD Support engineers are instantly working on additional software modules and extensions covering even more physics. To ensure the smooth start of using this workflow at customer's site we are able to provide extensive training during which our experienced lecturer shows the functionality and answers all the possible questions.

CFturbo-TurbomachineryCFD-radial-fan-side-view-web     TurbomachineryCFD-fan-nq28-compressible-noHousing-velocity-web     TurbomachineryCFD-fan-nq28-compressible-phi-eta-web.png     TurbomachineryCFD-fan-nq28-compressible-meridional-average-pressure-web.png

Differences between TCFD®, standard OpenFOAM® and typical Commercial software

TCFD® Difference to OpenFOAM® in PDF

TCFD® Standard OpenFOAM® Commercial Software
Open-source Solver
Unlimited Users, Jobs & Cores
Robust Solvers for industrial applications
Boundary Conditions for industrial applications
Real Tutorials for industrial applications
Pre/Postprocessing for industrial applications
Automated Process (Workflow)
Native Linux & Windows
Smart HTML Reporting
Graphical Interface (GUI)
Free of Charge

CFD OpenFOAM centrifugal radial turbine design phase    CFD OpenFOAM centrifugal radial turbine CFD model mesh phase    Radial centrifugal turbine CFD OpenFOAM results pressure distribution    Radial centrifugal turbine Map Characteristics CFD pressure ratio efficiency

Due to the open-source platform, the package is highly customizable. Having the technical support any additional functions can be added all over the workflow.

Axial turbine stage rotor blade in points Axial turbine stage rotor blade background snappyHexMesh    Axial turbine stage rotor stator interaction Axial turbine stage rotor blade radial averaged temperature

Especially for TCFD®, CFD Support developed a special set of OpenFOAM® boundary conditions e.g. to handle the rotor - stator interface, or boundary conditions for the inlet and the outlet of the computational domain. The solvers for TCFD® were heavily tested on real machine cases and showed perfect agreement with available measurements. The solvers are robust to handle the extreme flow conditions, it shows for axample an excellent performance for transonic flows.

turbocharger OpenFOAM CFD temperature streamlines transparent

TCFD® includes:

  • Workflow Methodology - full, independent, open-source solver, highly customizable
  • Tutorials - real working examples, just modify and go
  • Detailed Manual - step-by-step description, from preprocessing to advanced postprocessing
  • Applications - improved & robust solvers and utilities
  • Libraries - special boundary conditions, function objects, flow models
  • Scripts - automation, preprocessing, postprocessing
  • Source Code - all the source code developed under GPL
  • Tailored Training - covering individual needs of the client
  • Turbo Blade Post - Postprocessing ParaView Plugins
  • TCFDSource GUI - ParaView Plugins for creating a new projects
  • CFD Processor application for automated workflow

Technical Specifications & Software Features

  • Both Linux & Windows Version
  • Robust Solvers
  • Fully Parallel Computing
  • Compressible & Incompressible Fluid Flow
  • Turbulent Flow
  • Both Subsonic and Transonic
  • Fully Automated
  • Meshing using snappyHexMesh
  • Read External Meshes
  • Advanced Postprocessing
  • Run-time Convergence Monitoring
  • Special Boundary Conditions & Function Objects

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